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Múinteoir Danielle 11.05.20

Hi Senior Infants,

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! As I have mentioned before in relation to the work below – just do what you can. If there is anything at all that I can help you with- please just send a message. I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely photographs – it is so good to see how everyone is getting on. It always puts a big smile on my face to see pictures of my class. Keep it up! If you haven’t sent in any work yet maybe this week you might send in a picture of something you have made at home, something you did at home or anything at all(it does not have to be school work related at all!!) I would love to hear from you as I am missing all of you dearly.

While you are out for your walks this week can you try and collect some smooth rocks or any kind of pebbles as we will be using them for art later in the week and it would be great to have them ready. You will also need some paint! (poster paint is perfect but if you have acrylic paint – even better!)

I hope everyone got the postcard I sent last week! I enjoyed writing them! If you want to send me a message back with some news feel free to do so- you can pop it in a message here( maybe mum or dad might let you try and type a message!) -p or send a picture of some of your writing – I would love to hear from you!!

Audrey wanted to send this message to ye all- she is missing ye lots too!

Well all you boys and girls are you all well? I hear that you’re doing wonderful work. Danielle said she’s so delighted with you all!!I’m so looking forward to seeing you all again and hearing all the news, you’ll have loads!! 😊 Take care , make sure you play and have fun,


Best of luck with all the work.

Thank you,

Múinteoir Danielle


Work for the week – do only what you can!!



Write your news into your copy. Draw a picture to go with your news. Why don’t you get someone to record you reading your news- pretend you are on the T.V and share your news from the newsroom! I would love to see some of these if you would like to send them on!!

Oral language: Why don’t you try the tongue twister below:


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair then Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

Can you say it really fast? Can you say it really slow? Can you say it loud? Can you say it quiet? Can you whisper it ?



Have a go at the games below.




practicing adding to 10, story of ten, number bonds to 10.

PE: Try and get some sort of physical activity each day. Go for a walk/jog/cycle. Why don’t you try and make an obstacle course in your garden or in a space in your house, use what you can around the house to make it. Why not time yourself going around it?

SPHE/Well Being: I have attached a well being journal at the bottom of the page. This is to help us along this journey while we are at home. “Well- Being” means feeling good and strong in our minds and bodies, feeling proud because we are doing our best, being grateful for what we have and for accepting ourselves just the way we are!! Page 1 – is all about thinking of the things that you love doing and to draw a picture of two of these things.

Tuesday :

Maths: “I Spy”- how many bikes, cats, dogs do you see from your house or out on your daily walk. I have attached a pdf worksheet for you to complete-you can complete the work into your copy( it does not have to be printed)

Questions from worksheet- How many can you see as you watch the world go by? Do you see anything else ?










English: – Practice some medial sounds and capital letters. Click into the link below– click on “Sounds Like Phonics activity book b/ Unit 1 The Park/ opening revision. Click on the different activities as you wish. After practicing the various words and medial sounds – can you put some of the words into sentences? Can you try and sound out the words in the sentences on your own- just try your best!


Irish: Listen to the story – “ Ce Leis?”. Can you listen to the story and try and practice some of the questions and responses in the story? Maybe even trying asking mam and daddy some of the questions – Cé leis an cotá seo? Cé leis an stoca seo?


SESE:  Why don’t you go on an “Inventors Scavenger Hunt”- over the next few days why don’t you try and find some of the items from below. I would love to see what you can find in your house, garden or when you are out on your walk! Best of luck!



Try and get some sort of physical activity each day.

https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/?energy=&changed=energy   some yoga moves for children

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhfkYzUwYFk   – trolls dance moves

Literacy: DEAR time – Drop everything and read! Why don’t you take some time and just relax with a nice book- this can be your favourite book! Maybe you might take some time and relax and listen to mum or dad reading your favourite story or maybe you could read to them instead!

Can you draw a picture about your favourite book(if you do not have a favourite book- maybe pick another book that you have enjoyed recently) maybe it’s your favourite part of the book, or a character from the story that you love. Write the title of the story at the top of you page and draw the picture.

Literacy/ Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clpw7PG7m1Q     The Dot.

Watch the story above – “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. Then just make a dot and see where it takes you!! Draw one dot in the middle of a page…. And see what you create! Vashti began her creation with only a dot and made a wonderful piece of art – who knows what you might create! ( I have attached a PDF for this activity at the end of the page – but a plain piece of paper with a dot in the middle is perfect)

Maths: Outdoor maths – While you are out for your walk during the week bring your copy for some maths!! (I will attach a document with the questions below but there is no need to print page)

  • Record some of the house numbers that you pass on your walk.
  • How many triangles can you see on your walk?
  • How many squares can you see on your walk?
  • Do you see any other numbers (other than house numbers) on your walk- record them into your copy.
  • Can you collect five different items and order them from the longest to the shortest?
  • Can you collect five different items and order them from the narrowest to the widest?
  • make a triangle with twigs?
  • Make a circle from stones

Irish: Listen to the story: “Na Tri Mhuicin” – After the story can you draw the three houses –

Tarraing an teach brící.- draw the house of bricks .

Tarraing an teach tuí

Tarraing an teach adhmaid



SESE: continue on your “Inventor Scavenger Hunt” or pick an activity from your History project table.

SPHE/Well Being: page 2 – think about your happiest memories! Draw four of your happiest memories and if you can write a sentence to go with each one. (this can be completed into your copy or on a separate page)

Around the house/maths: help tidy up today/ clean your bedroom/ hang out the washing. Engage in maths chat! ( can be completed Thursday and Friday!)

Hanging out the washing – How many pegs did you use to hang up the clothes ? if you have 4 pegs how many more do you need to make 10? Can you write a sum using these numbers? Try and match up all the odd socks in the house? How many did you find? How many colours? can you sort the pegs into different colours?

Tidying your bedroom – Look inside your wardrobe/ press(without taking them out!!) – can you count how many t-shirts you have? how many trousers? How many dresses? Can you help tidy your room to make it nice and tidy.

Putting the shopping away- How many cartons of milk did you buy? how many pieces of fruit/vegetables? Can you record some of the things you bought? E.g. 5 bananas, 2 cartons of milk etc.

Help set the table- how many sets of cutlery do you need? How many knives ? how many forks/ glasses/ cups etc. how many people are sitting at your table? If a visitor called for lunch – how many would there be then?

Literacy: read the story – “What I wear to school.” – write a description about what you wear to school. Play the sight word game on link. Can you put the words- I, have, my, good, shoes into sentences.




Maths: play a board game with your family. Any board game that you like to play. If you don’t have a board game maybe a jigsaw puzzle or play a favourite game with a deck of cards. I’d love to know who wins!

Oral Language: Why don’t you practice some of these jokes with your family!

How does the sea say hello??                              It waves!

What do you call an old snowman?                     A puddle!

What is orange and sounds like a parrot?          A Carrot!

Could you tell me one of your own jokes- that’s another thing I really miss about our class – listening to the jokes during the day! Maybe you could send your jokes in- I would love to hear one!

Literacy:Can you find items in your house to spell out your name? Can you send in a picture of your creation? I have spelt out my name below – I think I need to buy some apples!! We could put them up on our class website and people can guess the different names- a big game of “Guess Who? “ that our class can play!

Art: pebble art- Why don’t you create some “Kindness Rocks”? These can then be shared in your neighbourhood or placed in your garden for people to look at as they go for their walks. It can be a nice way to give a kind message to people or put a smile on somebodies face! Perhaps you could send in some pictures of you creating your rocks or your finished product!


Dot art – Wednesday 13th may

Well-Being Journal monday 11th may

I spy- Maths – Tuesday 12thmay

kindness rocks friday 15th May

outdoor maths challenge -wednesday 13th may pdf

kindness rocks friday 15th May pdf

outdoor maths challenge -wednesday 13th may