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PG Newsletter June 2017

April, 2016 | Parents Association

Over the last few months the PTA have been working with the National Parents Council to create a new form of PTA which allows for greater parental involvement. This is the first of its kind in Ireland and we hope to lead the way with our new model.

We know that our children do better at school and in their education when we are involved.

Following a recent survey of Parent Associations across Ireland, NPC realised that for some schools the traditional model of a committee was not working effectively for many parents and schools. With this in mind the NPC decided to create a new alternative model that a school can opt to adopt that harnesses the parent’s volunteer support rather than necessitates too much formality. The PTA at Naas CNS were asked if we would pilot this model in our school. The new model of PTA/PA removes the need for a committee structure, replacing it with four volunteer teams. Each volunteer team will take responsibility for different tasks and events as they come up over the year.

Below are the new volunteer teams providing ways for parents in this school to become involved partners in their children’s school lives.

The four teams are briefly described here

➢Parental involvement team – this team will aim to support all parents in the school to gain a better understanding of the things they can do to help make a difference in their child’s education.

➢Policy team – these parents will look at the different policies in the school and work towards collecting and representing the parent voice to support school policy development and improvement.

➢Communications team – this group will be responsible for communication within the parent body and the volunteer teams and with the other members of the school community, children, school staff and the Board of Management.

➢Events team – the events team will arrange different events for the parents/ pupils and teachers, both social and educational, from information and training sessions to family and school events.

As parents you can choose to volunteer at just one event or more whichever suits you best. So the amount of time it takes to be involved can be very much in each parent’s control.

If you are interested in joining one of the teams, please fill in the brief survey below, or email naascnspta@gmail.com.


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