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Múinteoir Jason 22.06.20

Dear 5th Class and Parents,

I hope you are all keeping well and that you enjoyed the activities from our ‘Active School Week’. We will continue with part 2 of those activities this week. It is hard to believe that it is officially our last week of school. It has been strange not to be in class for the past few months. I am very proud of all of you for doing so well at home and with the work that I sent on to you. It was very encouraging and pleasing to see some of the work, activities and pictures that you sent on via the school email and the Aladdin app.

I want to wish you the very best in 6th class next year. I hope you try your very best as it is an important year in primary school.

I hope you have a fantastic summer. I will see you all in September.

Take care,

Múinteoir Jason.

Sports Day Playlist


June 22nd – June 26th

Monday 22nd


Start the day with some morning Yoga.


Daily Mile – can you run/walk a mile today?

Mr. Men Running Game

Why not try this fun catching game with someone at home 😊

Mr Slow – Move slowly

Mr Rush – move fast

Mr Bounce- bounce about

Mr Muddle – walk backwards

Mr Small – crouch down and move

Mr Strong – move flexing your muscles

Running Activity 

Activity 1

Traffic Lights

Find a space in a playing area. On a signal, move around the playing area in

response to the following commands. Turn it into a game of moving statues to develop.

  • Red: stop
  • Amber: walk
  • Green: run




Activity 2- Rock Paper Scissors

Play with someone at home standing one metre apart and facing each other. Mark out two safe areas for each person. Each pair begins by performing a rock-paper-scissors routine. A rock is a closed fist, paper is a flat hand, and scissors are the index and middle fingers in

a cutting position. Paper always covers rock, rock breaks scissors, and scissors cut

paper. To determine a winner, count to three and form a rock, paper, or scissors. The winning person then chases their partner toward their safety line, attempting to tag them before they are safe. Line up again and repeat the activity.

Write an Active Acrostic Poem

Use the template attached to write an active school acrostic poem.


Design a Medal

Use the template attached to design a medal.

Motivational Sports Clip

Today’s clip is about Karnam Malleswari the first Indian woman to win a bronze medal.


Tuesday 23rd

Start the day with some morning Yoga.


Move on wheels– Get out and explore if you can move on wheels great you could.

Scoot/Cycle/Skate. Walk if you can’t use wheels. How many kilometres can you walk today?

Traditional Sports Day Games 

There are lots of games, races and traditions attached to school sports day. Games such as the egg and spoon race, the sack race, the 3-legged race. Let’s revisit them in a virtual setting.

Activity 1 – Egg and spoon / spud and spoon race.

Each pupil gets a spoon and an egg (hardboiled or plastic). Each person must carry their egg on their spoon from the starting line to a turnaround point and back again. If the egg is dropped, the pupil must stop and retrieve it. You could make it a relay at home.


Activity 2 – Sack Race

Put both legs into a sack (shopping bag, bin bag) and hop around a cone, or some marked point, and back. You could race other family members or make a relay.

Motivational Poster

Can you make a poster with a motivational sports quote and design it on a poster?

Share what you come up with.

Mindful Sports Colouring

There are some sports colouring pages attached in this week’s pdf

Motivational Sports Clip

Today’s video is all about success in sport.



Wednesday 24th


Start the day with some morning Yoga.


Flash Mob 

Like we would in the school yard get your siblings and family involved.




If you don’t have twister get creative to make your own. Use chalk, paper plates and colour them in. Be creative

Everyone’s favourite physical board game brought to the outdoors. Twister game spinning app. is available to download.

Pirate Ship Game

Why not try this running game with someone at home 😊

Some is on and shouts out a command as follows:

Climb the deck – mime climbing

Captain aboard – stand straight and salute

Scrub the deck – mime scrubbing the floor

Man over board- mime swimming

Dead Man’s chest – mime digging

Walk the plank – walk heel to toe

Shark – Freeze on the spot

Design a new sport

Can you design a sport that combines two sports together?

Use the template to help you.

What do sports stars eat?

Create a healthy meal for a sports star.

Motivational Sports Clip

Today is about Sydney McLaughlin a 16year old preparing for the next Olympics.


Thursday 25th


Start the day with some morning Yoga.


Daily Mile – can you run/walk a mile today?

Mr.Men Running Game

Why not try this fun catching game with someone at home 😊

Mr Slow – Move slowly

Mr Rush – move fast

Mr Bounce- bounce about

Mr Muddle – walk backwards

Mr Small – crouch down and move

Mr Strong – move flexing your muscles

Obstacle Course – 

Can you set up and run your own obstacle course with parameters as set out below. Use any equipment available – household or otherwise. Do the obstacle course, time yourself and can see can you beat your time. See some pictures attached in this week’s PDF. If you have no garden create a small course inside be resourceful with everything you have at home.

Video Game Running Game

Why not try this running game with someone at home 😊

Some is on and shouts out a command as follows:




RECORD_ Pull a silly face

SLOW MOTION – Walk at slow speed

Motivational Sports Clip

Find your strong!



Friday 26th



Start the day with some morning Yoga.


Move on wheels– Get out and explore if you can move on wheels great you could.

Scoot/Cycle/Skate. Walk if you can’t use wheels. How many kilometres can you walk today?


Runner Bean – run around

Broad bean – puff up and stride about

Jumping bean – jump around

Jelly Bean – wobble around like jelly

Baked Bean- curl up very small on the floor


Activity 1 – Through the Gate 

In pairs with one ball per pair (get creative if you have no ball – rolled up socks are good). Each person stands on a spot facing

their partner who is also standing on a spot a distance away. Set up a gate

between each pair using two cones (tins of beans, cereal boxes anything will do). Person A attempts to kick the ball to Person B

through the gate. One point is awarded for each pupil that successfully kicks the

ball through the gate.

Single pupils could play the game off a wall. Increase the distance to increase difficulty. Add some targets.

Kick to Score 
Draw or stick target areas at various heights on a wall. Points should be placed in the centre of each target from one to five. The aim is to hit the targets on the wall to achieve a score. Who is the best in your house?

Pupils could try to score a penalty on Mom, Dad or a big brother or sister.

Motivational Sports Clip

Motivational quotes from our favourite Disney movies.


Well done everyone !






Week 2 PDF – Obstacle Course Ideas