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Múinteoir Claire 11.5.20

Suggested work for 11th – 15th May

Hello 6th Class!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. I wanted to start by saying a massive thanks for all the lovely messages, photos and updates I received last week, it was really great to hear how you’ve been getting on. The effort people have been putting in is incredible, you should be very proud of all your brilliant your work! I know I am. I can’t wait to showcase some samples on our school website!

This week Múinteoir Emma and I have included a special task for you to complete, called your Education Passport Profile. This task is designed to help your new secondary school get to know you! In it, you get to share things like your hobbies, interests, talents and friends. We will be having lots more exciting chats about secondary school soon!

Try your best with the work this week but don’t worry if you’re not able to do it all. Remember to do what suits you and your family best.

Please keep your updates coming in via the Aladdin app, or alternatively photos/updates can be emailed to us at: admin@naascns.ie

Múinteoir Claire


Today, your only task is to fill in your profile on your Education passport. Good luck!



Topic: International currencies.

See “Currencies” task.


See Information Report Task


Watch an episode of Clarence “as Gaeilge” and write down 5 new words/phrases you learned (Or, alternatively, write down 5 words/phrases that you already know and recognised in the episode). https://www.cula4.com/ga/feach/player/?pid=6154744401001&teideal=Clarence&series=Clarence&dlft=7


This week our focus is history. We are learning about the life of Mahatma Gandhi, his campaigns for human rights in the past, and how his legacy continues to influence world affairs today.

Spend some time reading through the information in the PowerPoint “The Life of Gandhi.”

Then answer the questions from the worksheet (“Gandhi Questions”). I have included the answers at the end of the worksheet so you can see how you did, but try not to look at these until you have completed the questions yourself!


Keepie Uppie* Challenge!

Using a soccer ball, see how many Keepie Uppies you can do (The world record is 26 hours, where the ball was juggled over 350,000 times!)

If you do not have a soccer ball you can use a tennis racket and tennis ball or hurley and sliothar. This is a STRICTLY OUTDOORS challenge.

Try to beat your personal best each day through daily practice. Send in your best score from the week on Friday!

* “Keepie Uppies” = also known as keep-ups or kick-ups, is the skill of juggling a football using feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head, without allowing the ball to hit the ground.



Topic: Foreign Exchange.

Today there are two short tasks. These are challenging so just try your best. Don’t worry if you can’t complete them and don’t spend too long on them. Be sure to read the examples as these will really help!

Task 1: See “International Exchange Rates” task.

Task 2: See “Converting euro to other currencies” task.


Photo Challenge!

Included below is a selection of photographs. I would like you to choose your 3 favourite photographs and come up with a caption for each one. The captions could involve a single word, a phrase or a sentence. They can be humorous or thoughtful. Be as creative as you like! The three best captions will be published on the school blog!!


Scríobh an Nuacht- see attached task


Create your own timeline to record the events of Gandhi’s life.

This can be done by drawing a line going across your page with your ruler.

Write the year of Gandhi’s birth at the beginning of the line, and the year of his death at the end of the line.

Then, fill in any significant life events along the way in chronological order (use the PowerPoint from yesterday to help you with this information).

Finally, see if you can make some comparisons with what was happening in Ireland during those specific years, and add these in on the timeline too.

This could be done, for example, by typing into www.kiddle.co ‘What happened in Ireland in 1930?’

For Example:

1930: Gandhi and his followers protest against the salt tax

1930: Irish writer Frank McCourt was born


Continue Keepie Uppie Challenge!


Any books referenced below can be found on https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources

Select primary > 6th class > the subject > the name of the book > the online book.


Menu Challenge: See the attached Menu.

Task: You have €30.00 to spend. Can you select food for 2 adults from the menu without going over your budget? Your selection must include a burger, fries and a drink for each adult. They cannot order from the kids’ menu!

Write down the food you have chosen and what the total cost is. How much change do you have left over?

Hint: Make sure to look at the whole menu.


Book: Racing Ahead

Read pages 232- 235 (“The Hands that Built America”).

Complete questions in sections C and D (pg 236)


See Clár ama task


Imagine you are a talk show host and you were able to interview Mahatma Gandhi.

Write down three questions you would ask him about his life.

Think carefully about the sort of questions you could ask to encourage your guest to talk and to interest your audience. 


Continue Keepie Uppie Challenge!



See “Money puzzles” task.


Book: Racing Ahead

Complete questions in sections E, F, G (pg 236- 237)


Draw a sketch of your kitchen. Find the Irish words for ten things in your kitchen and label them in the picture.

Can you write five sentences about where things are? (See the “Réamhfhocail” word mat to help you out with describing positions).

For example, Tá an cuisneoir os comhair an bhalla.(The fridge is in front of the wall).


Examine the posters attached of famous quotes by Mahatma Gandhi. Choose your favourite quote. Write a short paragraph about why you chose that particular quote. (What does the quote mean to you? Why do you think the message is important? etc.)


Continue Keepie Uppie Challenge! Don’t forget to send in your personal best!


Clar ama pdf – Copy

Clar ama pdf

Converting euro to other currencies pdf

Currencies pdf

Gandhi Questions pdf

Information Report pdf

International Exchange Rates pdf

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes pdf

Money Puzzles pdf

my-profile-2020Photo Challenge pdf

Reamhfhocail pdf

Scriobh an Nuacht pdf

The Life of Gandhi PowerPoint