Múinteoir Aislinn’s Class

First class Adventures


Another week has flown by and First class are just as busy! Have a look below what you and your friends have been up to. 😊



Something we all love! Thursday was always an exciting day as it meant there would be some Art!

Nikolas has been very busy painting at home. The colours used are excellent.

Lots of you enjoyed painting the week with tea and coffee. A variety of things were used to paint and lots of experimenting to make different colours! They look fantastic.

Authors and Projects

Nikolas has started his own book- It looks like a good read. While Darragh is gone to the land down under learning more about Australia.


This week we were all about time in First class. The Mad Hatter was even impressed.They will be able to keep everyone at home to strict timetable.

Learning about time this week influenced dinners! It was pizza making TIME!

Working Hard

First class are finding space to work wherever they can! Inside Outside they are getting their work done!


The Wellbeing Journal has been a big hit! First class have been busy recording their acts of kindness at home and being kind to themselves. There was lots of lovely rainbow moments shared- check out Micah’s!

There is always time for FUN and GAMES!

This week we read about GG and his friends going on a camper van holiday. First class wrote a list for everything they would need on there trip and created their own board games to play! They look like great fun! 😊

Out and About

Darragh and Hannah were out in Nature this week. Hannah spotted some summer flowers. While Darragh met some new arrivals. He is a bit concerned that the Heron stole the swan’s nest! Great pictures!

Even though they are spending all their time with there brothers Micah and Megan are still having great fun with them! Micah and Griffin enjoyed a Furby day. While Megan and Ronan took on the outdoors and camped out for the night! Great Adventures.

‘’ We didn’t realise we were making memoires, we just knew we were having fun.’’- Winnie the Pooh


First Class Blog

Children in First Class have been very busy working hard at home. Children are completing lots of academic tasks but are also being very helpful and creative at home. Check out some of the pictures sent in below of what they have been up to!

Baking and Cooking

Wouldn’t you love to be in some of these houses to enjoy such lovely treats and dinners.


It is so important to keep up reading it helps us with so much. Especially with your imagination, creativity and writing. Something First class are defiantly doing some great reading.


Lots of you have been practicing your Gaeilge at home. It is great to see. Obair Iontach!

Art and Crafts

First class have done some amazing shape and circle pictures. Donnacha made a clay robot and Louie made a Lava lamp. Some portraits have started to come in also and are very impressive.  

Game Time

Friday, we set aside some time for maths games just like in school. Kyle is teaching his younger sister how to play snakes and ladders. Patti is delighted it is games day.  

Helping at home

So many children in First class are busy helping at home. It is great to see.

Malaika, Hannah and Megan have been busy helping at home and even help clean up. Well Done. Kyle is great at helping order the shopping online.

Ordering the shopping!

Out and About

Wow Frist Class are busy outside. Megan has made a fairy garden. Kayla is planting in the garden. Donnacha and his sister have made a lovely hotel for all the bugs to live in. Louie found an eggshell from a blackbird and Micah is having fun with bubbles.


Since we last saw each other

Micah, Shane and Malaika have celebrated their birthdays. We hope they had a lovely day with their families.

Happy Birthday to You - most popular version - YouTube

Coming next week …

First class are starting to learn about time next week. They are going to explore painting with tea and coffee. In Irish they are practicing; An maith leat? While in English they will get to read about what happens in Camper Van Fun. You can be sure they will be out and about in the garden and helping at home too. 😊

Lovely Artwork

Patti shared some beautiful work with the class. Well done they are super!

Well Being