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Class Work Information for Parents

Please find a list of suggested work that students can work on over the school closure period. We would ask parents only to complete work that has been suggested by their teacher.

Junior Infants – Múinteoir Sinéad

SESE Explore with Me:St Patrick pg. 39 Ireland: pg.31Getting Home from School pg. 43 Magnets: pg.44 Old and New Transport: pg. 47
Maths: Data and Shapes pg.63, 65, 67, 68
Writing Copy: Letters Curly caterpillar letters: c, o, a,d,g,q
Reading: Each child has been given 3 word lists and continuing on from their current list and a new reader. Along with reading these lists children can have fun exploring the words with other activities such as: Oral language/Phonics activities: Putting the words in sentences, cover a word which word is gone, say the list and add in a new word which word is new, say the list miss a word which word was not said, say a word leaving out the start/end sound can your child tell you what sound is missing and say the word correctly, change the start/end sound can your child tell you what the word should be e.g. change the “l” in luck to g so it becomes “guck”Dictation: Parent says a word can your child sound the words out and write them down Writing: Can your child draw a picture of the word.

Senior infants: Múinteoir Danielle

1. Oral language : Theme this month is Spring- we have been talking about the different signs of Spring around us e.g. flowers blooming, baby animals being born etc. engage in conversation about Spring.

2. SESE – Small World Book.

– “March Walkabout”pg36&pg37 – go for a walk in your locality (if able to) identify all the different things you might see on your Spring Walk.

-“What Happens Next?” – pg 53- engage in conversation about the pictures, what is happening in each picture? What do you think will happen next? How do you think the boy will feel ? etc. draw a picture to show what you think happens next.

– Listen Carefully- pg. 47 Read the instructions to your child- (If able children can be encouraged to read instructions themselves.)

3. Copy work

– Children can write their news into their news copies and draw a picture about their news.

– children can write a few sentences about Spring and draw a picture.

–  children can write about what they do during their time off.

-free writing- children can write on a topic of their choice/ draw picture of their choice.

4. Maths:

– Worksheets in school bag- revision: addition to 6, addition to 7.

– we are currently learning all about length. Engage in conversation with your child about: long, longer, longest.   Tall , taller, tallest.    Short, shorter, shortest.  

– using hands on materials- lego blocks, bricks, counters- make a long, longer, longest snake etc.

-using hands on materials similar to above to practice addition ( we have covered addition to 9)

-practice days of the week.

5. Literacy

– reader in homework folder- practice reading.

-worksheet – double sided – “The Best Part”  and “Interesting Words” – children can use their reader, library book or a book from home to complete the worksheet. Engage in conversation – what happened at the start? During the story? The best part? Why? Etc.  children are to pick 6 interesting words from the story

– Tricky Words- children can practice their Tricky Words, orally putting them into sentences, guessing games. Children can put some of these into sentences in their copies. 

– Cut and paste worksheet-  cut up sentences and match them with the correct picture.

– “All Write Now”- Revision: pg 40&pg43. Letter “y” – think of things starting with the letter y, complete page – 51. Pg 49 – S , Z and U- identify things starting with these letter sounds.

Links that may be helpful :

https://www.storylineonline.net/- we have listened to some stories on this website, wide selection of stories online.

https://www.gonoodle.com/- brain breaks and physical activities.

https://tg4.ie/en/player/categories/childrens-tv-shows/- cartoons in Irish.


– selection of maths games online.

https://vimeo.com/106231366- revision of all Jollyphonics sounds.

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/letters-and-sounds- literacy games online.

First Class – Múinteoir Aislinn

Suggested work for First Class; 

Reading any books.
Maths School Book pgs 78+79 (pages not complete up to 79 if children were absent can also be done)

Maths Home Book pg 27-30 

Handwriting pg 1-7

English Portfolio pg 10- 15. Suggested activities that children can complete in copies- free writing, news – daily updates on what they are doing, Bird watch what birds they see in their garden, project on one of the birds, signs of Spring in gardens, children can complete any other activities they would like to complete in these copies.

RTE News2Day kids news, Cula 4 – TG4 cartoons.To keep moving; Go Noodle, Just dance,  Joe Wicks school workouts (you tube). 

Oral Language activities in English – https://ppds.pdst.ie/images/stories/curriculum_pages/english/games_a_context_for_oral_language_development.pdf

Get them to teach you some Irish words – topics covered (Ourselves, Food, School, Home)
Enjoy the time off and see you all soon Múinteoir Aislinn

Second Class – Múinteoir Séamus

Week 1


Handwriting: page 27

Reading- Flat Staley Chapter 4

Maths: Big book page 122

Irish: page 109

Small World: page 47


Maths Big Book Page 123

Irish: page 3 and 8

Portfolio: page 12 and 13

Small World page 55 and 62


Maths: Big Book page 132

Irish: Page 78 and 79

Handwriting: page 28

Small world: Page 56 and 57

Portfolio: 18 and 19


Reading: Flat Stanley Chapter 5

Portfolio: page 26,27

Small World: page 58 , 59

Maths: Big Book: Page 133 and 144

Irish: Page 86 and 89


Maths: Page 73 , 74 and 75 Big Book

Irish: Page 92 and 111

Portfolio: 31 , 33, 34, 35

Small World: page 22 and 23

Handwriting page 29

Week 2


Maths: Big Book page 91

Irish: page 110


Maths: Big Book page 63

Irish: Page 112

Handwriting: page 30

My portfolio: page 46


Maths: Big Book Page 64 b

Irish: Page 113

My Portfolio: page 25


Maths: Big Book page 65

Irish: Page 65

Small World: page 83


Reading: Flat Stanley Chapter 3,4 and 5

Maths: Big Book page 80

Irish: page 17

Third Class – Múinteoir Ruairí

MM: Pg. 73 – 79

RAH: : Pg. 96 – 104

LSB: Pg. 96 – 104

Tables: / 3, /6, /9

Geography: Research country project. The children have been assigned a country in their homework.

Project Topics:

Famous people, animals, weather, jobs and industries, history, food, sport, music, fun facts, fact file.

Fourth Class – Múinteoir Norah

  • Mental Maths – From page 70 Week 24 and 25. 
  • Tables Expert – Week 25 and 26.
  • Read at Home – From page 75 one per day.
  • Léigh sa Bhaile – Pages, 55, 67, 68 and 75 Reading and Questions.

Fifth Class – Múinteoir Jason

The children have taken down the required work in their homework journals.

Mental Maths – one per day

Read at Home – one comprehension per day.

Léigh sa Bhaile – one comprehension per day.

Tables – Multiplication x2 to x12 over the two weeks.

Fifth Class – Múinteoir Colin

The children have taken down the required work in their homework journals.

Read at Home – pages 85 to 94 (one per day)

Léigh sa Bhaile – pages 85 – 94

Mental Maths – 14 to 19

Sixth Class – Múinteoir Emma

The children have taken down the required work in their homework journals.

Read at Home – daily chapter

Léigh sa Bhaile – daily chapter

Mental Maths – daily section

Novel – Guns of Easter

Sixth Class – Múinteoir Claire

The children have taken down the required work in their homework journals.

Léigh sa Bhaile – one chapter per day starting at p45

Read at Home – one chapter per day starting at p45

Mental Maths – Week 19 onwards